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Risk Analysis

The best decisions are born from the best Risk and Consequences Analysis

SD Group develops the risk assessment process, supporting the management, helping to professionalize the decision-making process.

Define the continuity strategies (according to the recovery objectives) for the maintenance of the key activities of the organization.

Business & e-Business Advisory

Advance is a must and be able to do it is the key to success.

Our aim is to provide support for the management, helping to professionalize the decision-making process. We also offer a professional perspective on business planning, with a focus on setting and achieving goals.

​Nowadays, resources available in companies are rarely enough to cope with some of the main tasks. Many companies face important problems due to this lack of resources.

​SD Group provides these business resources that can help our clients to be more competitive and give support to the core business and critical tasks.

Strategy & Project

Think about what else can be done and how to execute it is key to our growth model

SD Group is a group of project managers and experts in business strategy definition able to identify the needs and priorities in the development of business models in various sectors.


The implementation of a plan is one of the biggest challenges of today's businesses in their day to day. This model allows us to advance supported by a proper tasks definition without neglecting current needs.

New & Initiatives Projects

Growth has to be professional and diversification is a must.


We are constantly looking for new opportunities and try to make an idea or project become a real company. We provide resources for these initiatives in order to create a competitive product or service.

SD Group also offers its support in the evaluation and creation of new businesses, taking part in the assessment process (for investors) or in the business planning process (for entrepreneurs).

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